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Archive for the ‘Art’ Category

First Sketches of the Popular Cartoon Characters

Although some of these early drawings seem strange, distorted, and much different from the actual animation films, they are pretty interesting to look at.  …

By: | October 31st Art, Design 609 Views

Awesome Chainsaw Art

Amazing things can happen if you are an artist!

By: | June 1st Art 312 Views

The Art Of James Jean Will Blow Your Socks Off!

Very exceptional art done by James Jean.

By: | May 29th Art 206 Views

11-Year-Old Child Prodigy Creates Stunningly Detailed Drawings Bursting With Life

A damn fine collection of art done by an 11 year old kid.

By: | May 12th Art, Design 176 Views

Things That Are Just Simply Amazing

A gallery of things there are truly remarkable!

By: | January 24th Art, Science 511 Views

Help! My Computer Screen Is Gone!

While some of these pictures are apparently photoshopped to create an impressive effect, most of them feature desktop wallpapers amazingly selected to produce the optical…

By: | January 10th Art, Design 136 Views

Interesting Things To Do With Pumpkins

Most people that buy pumpkins utilize them only for carving. Occasionally, people will also use them for baking, however, there are so many other cool…

By: | October 7th Art, Entertainment 822 Views

Extreme Photography – The Art of the X-Ray

Ever wonder what everyday objects look like on the inside? Artist, Nick Veasey has brought that to a reality. His unique style of photography includes…

By: | September 17th Art 1,439 Views

The Most Extreme Cloud Pictures

Astronauts on board the International Space Station decided to grab some pictures of unusual cloud formations over the Earth. Good thing they did, because the…

By: | September 8th Art, Geography 1,790 Views

2013 National Geographic Photo Contest

Here are the finalist of the 2013 National Geographic Photo Contents.

By: | September 6th Art 565 Views

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