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Best Apps for your Android

February 4th, 2014 by in Tech with 649 Views

Android is one of the most popular operating systems existing today. Below listed are some Latest Apps one must have for your Android. These Apps simply make Life – simple, easy and more worthy.


Made for all those who are crazy about shopping online. Slice is an application that alerts its users about discounts, sends reminders and offers automatic package tracking. From supporting the top vendors such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and also the delivery services such as FedEx, UPS and USPS, this app is come handy in all kinds of online purchases. One can sign into Slice via Facebook, Yahoo and Google accounts.


Made for photo lovers, flickr’s powerful tools of editing and custom filters makes life look more beautiful than it is. The app has a free terabyte that act as home to stunning photographs. One can share one’s photos on Facebook, twitter and Tumblr instantly. One can even follow others stalwart photographers and friends on Flickr.


A sharing software that I used for sharing videos, files, contact information etc. One just needs to hold one’s phone and touch it with another. Both the phone should have bump opened into it and then the rest of the sharing process will happen even before one can realize. Bump can work on cross platforms such as iPod, iPad and iPhone.


This is a unique app that helps you carry your files, documents, videos and audios with you wherever you go. Once you save all your stuffs on dropbox, one can access the app from anywhere, that may include from some a computer on a different location, from one phone , and one can get one’s saved documents instantly.


This application is meant to read and share social and world news. One just has to pick a few topics and can immediately start flipping through it. One can even save the news that one wants to read it at a later time or can even create one’s own magazine simply by tapping on plus sign on any piece.


One can use this photo app to experience an exciting photographic moment. The app has built in advanced features which can capture photograph at its best. One can share one’s images with family and friends with Google plus. The app also contains filters such as vintage, drama, tilt-shift and grunge. With Auto Correct feature, one can highlight one’s photographs easily.



This is the perfect app for business owners or entrepreneurs. With the help of this app, businessmen can get access to their operations such as net sales at any point of the day, hour etc. One can also check performance of employees in real time. Shift managers can also have access to their scheduling tools and measure analytics easily.


Once again a photography application, Vscocam is one such app that has more features that makes it stand out of the race. One can fine tune one photographs by adjusting the temperature, exposure, contrast, rotation, vignette, crop, fade features. All this and more helps in making the photos more defined and complement the capture.


It is an easy to use app that helps you save video, article, webpages, and audio files, in short, anything you find online. One can get access to pocket phone, computer and tablets. One can make use of the file saved in pocket without the use of internet. This saves one from saving links or book marking page. One can simply place the file on pocket and use it when one needs it.

 Google Drive 

This is for document saving file which helps you save documents, files, audio and videos and then access them from anywhere else, as per one’s convenience. One can work on those documents even when there is not internet connection. One can even save one’s passport identification or driving licence in the app and then access it when required from any location. If you haven’t got your licence just book driving test online and enjoy the app.