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Grizzly Bear
Five Animals You DO NOT Want to Encounter in the Wild

Despite the efforts to make the world a better, safer place to live in, most of parts of the world are still unsafe for human…

By: | October 11th Animals 1,290 Views

7 Historic Scientific Discoveries That Changed The World

Over the years various scientific discoveries have been made and each of them has changed the world in which we live in. It is not…

By: | September 23rd History, Science 34,963 Views

6 Tips on How to Protect Your Computer

Using a computer can be contrasted with driving a car because safety is very important in both cases. The following steps are important in securing…

By: | September 21st Tech 432 Views

An Explanation of the Worlds Top Religions

Christianity This is the largest religion in the entire world and has spread to every part; approximately 2.2 billion people around the world are followers…

By: | September 21st General 575 Views

6 Cultural Differences Between Americans and Europeans

Europe, New Zealand, Australia and America are classified into the Western World, however, there is more to their cultural practices than you can imagine of….

By: | September 20th General 1,097 Views

Best Places To Buy Property Besides The U.S. For Profit

Romania This country has very good economic prospects, however, it’s predicted to experience sharp rise in property prices since it’s an applicant to the European…

By: | September 19th Finance 593 Views

Avenue of the Baobabs
10 Strangest Trees In The World

Trees are common vegetation in many parts of the world with each location having trees best suited to its climate. However, for various reasons some…

By: | September 18th Geography 1,252 Views

Top 10 Toxic Chemicals That Could Kill You

There are hundreds of chemicals that are toxic to humans, some of these are meant for other purpose while some are specifically meant for killing…

By: | September 18th Health 429 Views

3 Bizarre Death Rituals Around the Globe

The way people dispose grief and commemorate their bereaved varies from place to another. However, some cultures take these practices to another level of macabre….

By: | September 18th History 536 Views

mobile phone
Four Ways Technology is Killing You

There are four common electronic devices which have negative effects on human beings yet it is impossible to do without them. The gadgets cause various…

By: | September 17th Science, Tech 486 Views

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