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Visitors gather in front of a piano-shaped building in Huainan
Top Ten Most Unusual Buildings in the World

This unique house is located in a small Polish village; it was designed by architect Daniel Czapiewski. Each day it attracts a lot of public…

By: | September 10th General 8,047 Views

Wrong Number Texts (Best of)

Do you ever text the “wrong number”. These people do, and it leads to hilarity!!!   <img title="Funny and Awkward Texts photo" alt="funny and awkward…

By: | September 9th General 867 Views

A Trip Through Africa, As a Bird

The photographer, Martin Harvey made ai??i??ai??i??an incredible journey by helicopter Africa (Namibia, Botswana, Kenya), making pictures of local scenery from the bird”s eye view. It…

By: | September 8th General 1,268 Views

The Most Unique Musicians Of All Time

Marylyn Manson Marylyn Manson cross-dresses as part of his gig whenever he is out on stage performing. Additionally, he has a unique stage persona which…

By: | September 7th General 8,968 Views

Strange Laws In The World

14 Strange laws in the world The U.K law allows a pregnant woman to relieve herself anywhere she would like, including in a policemana��s helmet….

By: | September 7th General 616 Views

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