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Things to Avoid Doing at Work

You may seem successful in your career, but only on the outside, not on the inside. The reality is you face a number of excruciating…

By: | September 18th General 309 Views

Extreme Photography – The Art of the X-Ray

Ever wonder what everyday objects look like on the inside? Artist, Nick Veasey has brought that to a reality. His unique style of photography includes…

By: | September 17th General 1,449 Views

The Smart Way To Deduct Your Student Loans

The cost of college education continues to rise and more and more students are taking on student loan. As a whole, we owe the country…

By: | September 17th General 267 Views

How Money Fuels the Worlds Top Tennis Players

The U.S open recently ended with players having competed buy prednisolone tablets online. for a record $34.3 million in prize money, which is up 37%…

By: | September 16th General 269 Views

Worlds Most Expensive Cities

10) Punta Cana Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic ranks tenth in the most expensive cities; on average you will need $420.91 to spend a…

By: | September 11th General 1,373 Views

Visitors gather in front of a piano-shaped building in Huainan
Top Ten Most Unusual Buildings in the World

This unique house is located in a small Polish village; it was designed by architect Daniel Czapiewski. Each day it attracts a lot of public…

By: | September 10th General 8,019 Views

Wrong Number Texts (Best of)

Do you ever text the “wrong number”. These people do, and it leads to hilarity!!!   <img title="Funny and Awkward Texts photo" alt="funny and awkward…

By: | September 9th General 861 Views

A Trip Through Africa, As a Bird

The photographer, Martin Harvey made ​​an incredible journey by helicopter Africa (Namibia, Botswana, Kenya), making pictures of local scenery from the bird”s eye view. It…

By: | September 8th General 1,263 Views

The Most Unique Musicians Of All Time

Marylyn Manson Marylyn Manson cross-dresses as part of his gig whenever he is out on stage performing. Additionally, he has a unique stage persona which…

By: | September 7th General 8,952 Views

Strange Laws In The World

14 Strange laws in the world The U.K law allows a pregnant woman to relieve herself anywhere she would like, including in a policeman’s helmet….

By: | September 7th General 613 Views

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