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funniest plant pictures in nature 3
Top Seven Funniest Plant Pictures in Nature

Nature is always amazing and breathtaking. From the animals, lakes, oceans and even trees, there are some funny pictures that will leave you wondering whether…

By: | October 31st Funny 1,934 Views

funny shoes 1
Eight Amazing Shoe Designs For Ladies

If there is someone in the present world who does not wear shoes, then, perhaps he lives deep in the forest beyond the reach of…

By: | October 27th General 1,617 Views

The Kissing Bug
Six Deadly Animals That Can Fit Into Your Shoes

We all wear shoes and at times, we do it without checking them. There are some creatures that can fit into those shoes and before…

By: | October 20th Animals 1,982 Views

The biggest fire in the history of California
Six Most Expensive Mistakes In Human History

Have you ever made a mistake? The answer is yes but your mistake has not been as expensive as the ones you are about learn…

By: | October 18th Featured, Finance 2,227 Views

cheer leading
Top Six Most Dangerous Sports In The World

If you love your life and do not wish for it to end tragically, then, there are some sports that are not worth trying out….

By: | October 16th Featured, General 9,343 Views

stress 1
Three Things That Will Most Likely Kill You

No one can escape death but you will be surprised to find out that there are three things that will easily kill you. They are…

By: | October 11th Health 171 Views

Fastest Cars-Agera R
The Five Fastest Cars Ever Built

It is often preached that speed kills, but the reality is we all love speed. As a matter of fact, that is why you have…

By: | October 10th Engineering, Tech 1,834 Views

Tikker Watch 1
Introducing, The Death Watch

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. We may hate to admit it but death is inevitable to humans. Scientists are now claiming that…

By: | October 10th Tech 88 Views

forage bees
The Price Bees Pay In Order To Make Honey

We all love honey and we all know that it comes from bees. However, have you ever taken time to think about how honey is…

By: | October 9th Animals 550 Views

The World's Longest Car
The Longest Vehicle in the Entire World

We all love cars especially when they have a high horse power, high speed and considerable fuel consumption. However, have we ever taken time to…

By: | October 2nd Engineering 6,922 Views

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