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Animals That Were First To Space Long Before Man

September 30th, 2013 by in Animals with 514 Views

Have you ever been to space? Perhaps not but did you know that several animals such as the duck, the rooster and the pig can boast of visiting space long before man did? I bet you did not know it! Ever since 1783, animals have been used for space explorations. Here are some of the animals that were first to make it to space before man:

Fruit Flies

Even if you don’t believe it, the first animal ever to make it to space were fruit flies. These were sent aboard a V-2 rocket launched by the United States of America in 1947. The fruit flies were sent for experimental purposes to test the effects or radiation on high altitudes. They made it alive back to earth.

Fruit Flies

Albert II Monkey

He was a rhesus monkey and became the first monkey to make it to space in 1949. However, the monkey died on impact due to parachute failure. Other monkeys too were transported later on to space after Albert II. Such monkeys were fitted with sensors to measure reaction of their organs while in space. Many of these monkeys just like Albert II, never made it back to earth alive.

Albert II Monkey

The Mouse

Yes, the mouse too unlike you, has been to space. In August 1950, a mouse was launched into space. The mouse went for 137 kilometers before the rocket disintegrated due to parachute failure.

The Mouse

The Dog

The dog also had his turn into space through a Russian made rockets in 1951. On this particular space flight, two dogs were used. These two were lucky to survive and were successfully recovered. However, their flight never reached the orbit.

In 1957, another dog named Laika lunched into space this time making it to the orbit aboard the Soviet Sputnik 2 spacecraft. Laika died in the flight since there was no technology to return him safely to earth.

The dog in space

It is only after these animals had been to space that on April 12, 1961, the first man by name Yuri Gagarin broke history and became the first human in space.

  • http://www.interesting6.com/ Michael Six

    What about the chimp?

    • mjadhe

      Was he really to space before man or after man made it to space?

      • http://www.interesting6.com/ Michael Six

        Before, animals were sent up to test if conditions were even viable for space travel..

  • Jessica

    I think that animals are the first to try everything that humans are curious about. I find it funny though that they sent fruit fly’s-I never knew that!!

  • Geofrey Bett

    Basically,animals are used as a pilot project to test human curiosity and to test whether human being can survive an experiment.Human being are always afraid and fears being the first to do anything.

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Laika saw us the dream to con-quire space and Yuri Gagarin made it true! Anyway, Michel Cholings and Adwin Aldrin also with him. My cordial regards to all of them.

  • ed pierce

    Lucky animals! I would hope that in our lifetime, we all have the opportunity to go into space and see the Earth from a totally different perspective.

  • Joseph John

    why these people experimenting with the animals? Looks like they don’t care about their life. The scientists know that it is a 50-50 chance to get them back to the earth.

  • liz soliven

    Good thing they made it back to the earth, I hope someday I’ll make it to the space lol

  • Sakil Hossen

    So I think humans owes animals for such enormous invention like space!! I would have love to discussion such topic with Yuri. The feeling of reaching in space is might be very interesting.