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8 Epic eBay Auctions Backed By Stupidity

September 27th, 2013 by in Funny with 633 Views

5) Cornflake shaped like Illinois

Two Virginian sisters while eating cornflakes happened to notice one that was shaped like the state of Illinois. They decided they would sell this on eBay in which they received over $1000 for this from a Texas man.

6) Sports Car for $0.77

Tim Shaw’s wife Hayley in June 2005 was listening to her husbands radio station and heard him tell the woman he was interviewing that he would leave his wife and two children for her. Hayley was so angry that she put his Lotus Espirit Turbo on eBay for a buy it now price of $0.77.  Her stipulation was that the car had to be sold in the next 2-3 hours before her husband got home. The car was sold within 5 minutes and since he had her name on the car as well it was able to be sold.

7) A man’s liver

A man from Florida tried to sell his liver on eBay. Before it got removed from the site for being illegal to sell body parts it had reached a price of $5.7 million.

8) Sandwich shaped like the Virgin Mary

A woman sold her 10 year old grilled cheese sandwich on eBay for $28,000 in 2004. She states that it bore the face of the Virgin Mary and in 10 years, never grew any mold on it.

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  • Kristen Trott

    I think this just goes to show you that anything is possible these days. First off, I would never sell my life, and if I did, I think I would value it at more than $370,000??? I think one thing I would want to know is if these things ever happened. Did that person really get the car for 77 cents? Did that girl really lose her virginity to the pay that paid for it?

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    All of these ads are nothing but stupidity. Admin of such
    pages should keep an eye on what everyone is listing.

  • liz soliven

    Seriously? Haha if there are a lot of things like these that would be in the market, I think people with mind problem are the ones buying

  • liz soliven

    In the phil. a lot of people really sell thier internal organs because of poverty and a lot of money problems, some would even kidnap, take the organs and sell them, sad to say but it’s true

  • Sakil Hossen

    Seriously these are some of the epic auctions in eBay history ever. I was thinking abut that Brazilian girl who put her virginity in the eBay. What if that bid was confirmed by a solid rate!!