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6 Crimes Committed By The Cutest Children

December 7th, 2013 by in General with 10,410 Views

kids with guns

I laugh when I hear people talking about how precious children are. Children are really just small people. And since some people are assholes, you can figure that some children will be too. In some cases children can be even more dangerous than adults because they simply don’t know any better. Let’s take a look at six examples of adorable children wiping their ass with the law.


12 Year Old Child Steals a Truck

cop chase

Two foster kids were in Morristown for a counseling session. Shortly after midnight they decided to make a run for it. The driver, a 12-year-old boy, made it all the way to Knoxville. Police tried to lay down spike strips but the kid just kept going. After he finally crashed they slapped him with a total of 10 charges, one of which was a felony. The good news is he doesn’t have a dad to punish him.

3 Long Island Kids Cause 60k In Damage

bb gun window

Three children between the ages of 11 and 12 used a BB gun to open fire at cars in their neighborhood. Apparently their mother had told them to go shoot at cars as a joke. Not needing to be told twice the three children quickly racked up $60,000 in vehicle damages. The neighbors were “shocked.”

Three Kids Try To Rob A Burger King

Burger King Introduces Turkey Burgers

Two 12-year-olds and a 13-year-old from Omaha Nebraska had the munchies at around 12:30 AM. They decided to walk through a drive-thru displaying a pellet gun. They wanted a Whopper and were willing to fire a pellet at anyone who didn’t comply. The fast food worker closed the window and a police chopper quickly rounded them up. They were taken to a specialized detention Center for children.

10-Year-Old Prints Fake Money

fake money

When a 10-year-old started throwing big bills around at the school snack bar people started to become suspicious. It turns out the culprit and a few of his buddies used online software to forge some pretty accurate looking bills. While the serial number and cut was wrong the Secret Service was still notified. They said it was the youngest case of counterfeiting they had ever seen. The 10-year-old will be facing forgery charges.

Teen Girls Rob a Bank

teesn rob bank

Two Ohio girls 12 and 14 robbed a bank with nothing more than a note and a hoodie. The 12-year-old stood outside as a lookout while the 14-year-old went in and handed the cashier a note. Although some of the bills were marked, the FBI was never able to make any arrests.

Seven-Year-old steals Dodge Durango


Latarian Milton was mad at his mom so he took the keys to his grandma’s Durango, called his buddy, and went on a joyride. When all was said and done Latarian had run over two mail boxes, hit two parked cars in a Costco parking lot, and struck two moving cars near Wal-Mart.  His answer is pretty priceless when asked if he knew that he could have killed somebody.


“Yes but I wanted ta do hood rat stuff wif mah friend.”

So damn loveable! I just want to pinch his cheeks.