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4 EXTREME New Car Technologies That Will Change The World

September 26th, 2013 by in Tech with 1,757 Views

We all love cars and appreciate the fact that they have greatly evolved ever since they were first invented. However, with advancement of technology, cars are also advancing in design and capability. To that effect, there are amazing future car technologies that will change the world. Here are these technologies:

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication (V2V)

Have you ever thought of the possibility of your car communicating with other cars on the road? It may be mind boggling but it is almost a reality. Future cars will have the capability to communicate with each other. Research is underway to look into the possible means wireless technology can be used to ensure that cars are able to detect and send communication signals to each other on the road. A company that has taken the front line on this research is Ford alongside the U.S government.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

When this technology is finally implemented, researchers indicate that the V2V communication will go along way in preventing road accidents because cars will detect and communicate with each other way before the driver is able to spot the on coming car. When the car gets a signal from the other car which is directly on its path, it will warn you the driver of potential collision and even automatically hit the brakes to prevent the accident.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

Researchers are also working on Vehicle to Infrastructure communication where vehicles will be able to communicate with road signs, traffic signs and send traffic information requests. This will ensure that your vehicle gives you the best possible route to follow and ensure the reduction of traffic snarl-ups.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication


Self Driving Cars

There are self parking cars but technology is yet to offer self driving cars. However, research done by Google engineers in California indicate that they have developed and tested self driving cars for over 500,000 miles. These cars that were tested work by recording images of the road and have computerized maps which helps them view road signs, see traffic lights and find alternative routes.

Self Driving Car

The cars use lasers, radars and cameras to analyze and process information much faster than a human being can. When tests were being done, the cars learned of road details when they were driven on a road several time. When they were eventually left to self drive, they could identify and stop at pedestrian crossing and let people pass.

Self Driving Car

As per statistics, 95% of road accidents today are caused by human error. As such, if ever self driving cars will be produced for the public, they will lead to a significant decrease in road accidents and ensure that you get through traffic much faster.



Fold-up Cars

Did you know that engineers have already unveiled a car which can be folded? The fold-up cars might just interest you because of their convenience and size. These vehicle will be tiny and will use electrical charges to operate. Some versions of this cars are almost being released into the market and you may want to check such versions.

Folding Car


Flying Cars

Have you ever thought of how interesting it would be to have a flying car? Perhaps you have seen them in Science fiction movies but they are almost becoming a reality. According to BBC, a company named Terrafugia has taken into research and development of cars that are able to fly and are fronting for personal aviation.

The main advantage of such cars is in their ability to take off and land vertically much like a helicopter. The cars rely on electrical energy to function. However, for take off, the car will use hydrocarbon combustion engine.

The vehicle has folded wings and two motor pods on each wing. The car also has 16 independent electric motors just to ensure that should its battery pack fail, there will be no catastrophes.


  • MD Golam Rabbani

    This is the result of our modern science and technology. I agree with you, this type of technology may change the world. Actually these are the technology.

  • Geofrey Bett

    Car Technology has since changed allot for the good since time in memorial from manual cars to automatic cars and now to self driven,fold-up and flying cars.Notably,with this speed in technology,soon we’ll have talking cars Lol!

  • liz soliven

    This are really possible to implement in the future, and I think it will help us economize technology