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10 Terrible Eating Habits That Annoy Everyone

September 14th, 2013 by in General with 772 Views

Licking fingers

Licking your finger while and after eating is one of the most annoying habits you can display while eating. A large percentage of people interrogated on this issue argue that it is extremely annoying.


Tedious orders

Too many orders while eating is a highly annoying habit that many not only shows one lacks courtesy, but denies other people the chance to get the best services.


Chewing loudly, spitting some food, and talking before swallowing food

Chewing loudly, spitting some food, and talking before swallowing food are annoying habits that people should learn to do away with.



Some people have the tendency to scream during and after parties. This habit is annoying in that it not only interferes with communication between people but also disturbs people who may not be members of the party.


Cavemen (Cavewomen)

Some people are fond of trying out new ideas when eating which can create a bad public image.


 Over sharing

People should avoid placing too much orders and then giving out the extra to people next table as this not only displays a bad image of you, but is annoying as well.


Not keeping proper watch over children

When children are let loose during meal times, they inconvenience people in various ways, and it is too risky.


Too much technology

You should stop overusing your phone or any other electronic gadget while eating as this is a show of bad manners.



If you cannot share a meal with others, there is no need to eat together, just go about it alone.


Misusing utensils

You should always use the right tool for its work, if you do not know please ask or read instructions before use.


  • Jessica

    Thanks for sharing! Working at a restaurant I see many of these things all too often.

  • Susanna

    People need to watch over their kids more. I realize a night out at a restaurant may be a little vacation for you… but it’s not for the rest of us. I try to be understanding, especially because so many people have special-needs kids these days, but try to work with your child. Don’t yell. Be kind to other patrons. We’ll be understanding of the whole ordeal. Believe me.

  • Kristen Trott

    I have a room mate that used to lick the utensils that she was cooking with then she would continue to cook with it! When I asked her to stop cause it was gross she responded, “Why? Everyone does it.” I couldn’t believe it! As a server in the restaurant, I hate when people don’t interact. That’s another habit I can’t stand.

  • Joseph John

    well, some people just forget the fact that they are eating in a public place!!

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Licking fingers is a bad habit but it has a test. Did you try yourself? If no, let’s eat with fingers and then licking and let me know.

  • Sakil Hossen

    KFC few years back constantly advertised an ad, where they used main line goes like this: “It’s finger licking good”. If a well reputed food brand used finger licking as a main advertise theme line, than people will definitely lick fingers after eating foods in KFC. And that’s not a bad habit at all!! ;) Just saying….