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10 Laugh Out Loud Buffalo Bills Images That Will Make You Cringe

September 22nd, 2013 by in Sports with 9,091 Views

The Buffalo Bills fit into that category of under-mediocre teams in the NFL that just have not been good for some years. They fall along with others such as the Browns, the Raiders, and until recently, the Lions. Here are some Buffalo Bills Meme’s that should make you laugh, unless you are a Bills Fan, then it might make you cry. Sorry about the influx of American Football posts lately, but you can expect this on Sundays during Football Season.

  • efpierce

    Ouch!! I am glad that I’m not a Bills fans. I do live close to Lions territory though so I have to deal with that every year.

    • Bobs

      Lions are doing good this year. In first place in their division. And they beat Chicago last week. But I hate your Tigers. That’s from 30 years ago. Sorry but I carry a long grudge.

  • Kristen Trott

    The best thing about being a Cleveland Brown’s fan? Knowing you always have the Buffalo Bills that are worst than you. God Bless the fans that stick around.

  • Jackie S

    At least the Bills fans are true fans who stick with their team no matter how bad they get! I’m from Buffalo and now live in Atlanta. Every fan down here is a bandwagon fan! If they’re not winning, they have no fans…only when they are winning! SMH

  • Sakil Hossen

    Lions are favorite as well. Though I really enjoyed watching these 10 laugh out loud buffalo bills images. Some images are funny as well!!